• Piano Moving

  • Piano Movers Calgary (PMC) offers expert piano moving services to homes and businesses in and around Calgary. We take pride in being the go-to company for piano moving services in the area. We are focused on providing the highest quality of piano moving services at highly competitive rates.

    Because pianos are heavy and large musical instruments, they need to be handled with the utmost care. Doing anything to the contrary would result in serious damage to the piano that is expensive to fix. At PMC, we will do everything to move your pianos in the safest, most efficient manner. 

    At PMC, we use special protective blankets and padding to cover pianos we are moving. We know how challenging it is to move a big and heavy piano, especially when we must negotiate through tight spaces or up a flight of stairs. As experts in piano moving, we have the skills and knowledge to safely and quickly move a piano. Our moving trucks are also supplied with a temperature control system to ensure your piano doesn't go through extreme changes during the move. To find out more about climate control and why it's important to please view our temperature control information page. 

    At PMC, we have a skilled and experienced team that uses high-quality piano moving equipment in every job. Because we know exactly how much pianos mean to our customers, we go the extra mile to move it without damaging the piano in any way. 

    Because we value our customers’ investment and trust, we are fully insured and licensed to provide piano moving services. We screen our employees thoroughly and make sure they undergo rigorous training to provide exceptional service. 

    When it comes to piano moving, there is only one company you can trust to provide the best services. Call Piano Movers Calgary right away and let the piano moving experts do the work for you!