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    March 6, 2019 | blog
    Piano Moving Tips

    Piano can be a challenge to move and if you don't know what you're doing it could end in disaster.  I usually recommend hiring a piano moving company such as PMC to do the job for you, especially if you need to negotiate stairs or elevators. Pianos are heavy and awkward and are quite valuable; never mind the damage you can do to your home and your back. If you’re set on moving the piano[...]

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    Moving a Piano Yourself vs Hiring a Piano Mover

    Are you moving to a new home and worried about moving your piano? Or do you need to relocate a piano to a new location? Whatever the reason you need to relocate your prized piano, this suddenly creates a huge hassle and worry for you. Whether you are moving your piano across town or across the country, you want it to be in safe hands. Piano moving can be part of a full house move or it could be a [...]

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    Hiring a Piano Mover and how much should you tip.

      If you're a piano player and are getting ready to move homes, one of the most daunting tasks to undertake is the job of moving your instrument. Although you might feel brave enough to tackle it on your own, it's best to hire a professional team of piano movers such as Piano Mover's Calgary (PMC) to ensure the job is done right. Successfully moving a piano is about more than just managing [...]

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    4 Tips to help you extend the life of your piano

    There are some things you can do to extend your piano's life without consulting a technician. Use these tips to keep your piano in good working condition.Keeping your piano closed when not in use is a good habit to have … 70% of the time. Dust and air particles can build up into a sticky mess between piano keys, causing mobility issues. However, if the lid remains [...]

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    Will a Piano Fit in My New Home?

    Are you moving into a new home and not sure if your piano will fit in your new house? Or do you have plans for purchasing a new piano after you move into your new home? With either situation, you will have to take into consideration the size of the piano you are wanting to purchase and the spot in your home that you are wanting to put it in. Read along for some helpful tips on how to figure out if[...]

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